Want to build a
six-figure online businessMake passive income?

Want to build a 
six-figure online business Make 
passive income?

Create a custom blueprint that has helped solopreneurs with very limited time & money, bootstrap a six-figure online business from scratch.

passive book blueprint


bootstrap   /ˈbutstræp/

A business an entrepreneur builds from the ground up with nothing but personal savings & cash coming in from the first sales.

The Passive Book Blueprint

The step-by-step guide to build your online business from scratch to six-figures

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PHASE 1: START a Business

Choose a business model & build a website.


Choose a traffic source & build an email list. 

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The Origin Story

My name is Abhishek. I am a data scientist by day and an online entrepreneur by night. I live in Chennai, India and work for PayPal.

I started Passive Book during the COVID-19 pandemic when many of my friends lost their jobs and were in desperate need of money. If only they knew what I did they would not be so dependent on their day jobs. I created this website to help as many people as I can build an online business from scratch so that they never have to worry about money and can live a life of abundance. 

I have condensed everything I know about being an online entrepreneur into Passive Book so you will be able to bootstrap a six-figure online business from scratch.

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As you build your online business there are going to be times of doubt & uncertainty, where you feel stuck unable to move forward. We are building the Facebook Group to solve this problem.

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You will be able to:
1. Get access and support to the entire Passive Book team who will personally answer all your questions. 

2. Network with like minded entrepreneurs who are on the same road as you are.

3. Access special early deals and discounts. 

4. Get exclusive community-only content. 

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