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Are you wondering how much money you can make blogging? In this blog earning calculator we will estimate the amount of money you can make from blogging.

Blog Earning &Amp; Income Calculator Fi

These estimates are based on real-world examples but how much you make will depend on your niche, content, and monetization methods.

If you make more than what the blog income calculator shows, congrats! If you make less, then check out our guides on Blogging and SEO to get the basics right.

Remember your content needs to age for 8-12 months before it starts to get traffic. So factor that into your calculation.

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Blog Earning Calculator
How good will your keyword research & SEO be?

Monthly Page Views Per Post


Total Traffic: [ Field2 * Field11 ]

Earning Potential

Your blog will earn $[ Field2 * Field11 * Field13 / 1000 ] Per Month provided every blog post is given at least eight months to rank.

Traffic Potential

Your Monthly Traffic is likely to be [ Field2 * Field11 ] Page Views Per Month


  • Your blog performance will depend on how well you do keyword research and SEO. 
  • Your blog posts need to be published for a minimum of 8 to 12 months before it gets traffic.
  • Your income potential will be higher depending on your niche & monetization method.
  • If your blog makes less than the estimated income potential check out our guides on Blogging & SEO to get the basics right.

Provide your inputs above to calculate your Blog Earning potential.

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